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All-in-one Tables

Shipping and installation for our All-in-one tables needs careful consideration. The delivery is carried out using a lorry with a crane with a reach of 5 meters. The lorry is a large vehicle and it is therefore essential that there is sufficient access close to the table's final position for the lorry. A vehicular access width of 3 metres is needed, and the lorry needs to be able to turn into this access. Once off-loaded from the lorry, if necessary, the table can be transported to the final position manually using trolleys. It is therefore essential that the area across which the table is transported is relatively flat (no steps!) and suitably surfaced to make access possible. If the table is to be wheeled around a corner, the width of the access width at the corner must be at least 3.0m.

Please see the videos below for more information about the delivery of our All-in-one tables.

These tables are extremely heavy! We'd appreciate it if someone is on hand to help with pushing them if they need to be wheeled to their final location!

Video of a Table Being Lifted Off the Lorry Video of a Table Being Wheeled Into Place

Please contact TheOutdoor Table Tennis Company on 01249 444537 to discuss your individual requirements.

mAccano Kit Form Tables

Installation of mAccanos can either be carried out by our installers onto a pre-prepared site, or by your own team.

Due to the fact that this table is in parts, there is far more flexibility concerning the terrain across which the table is able to be transported, making it suitable for most sites. Do please bear in mind, however, that if steps are located on the access way, special consideration will need to be given to the table's movement, due to its large weight.

Please contact Redlynch Leisure on 01249 444537 to discuss your individual requirements.